jelte prinsAbout me

My name is Jelte Prins, a retired occupational physician, who also studied chemistry. I live in Someren a town in the south of the Netherlands. I have been taking photographs for over 40 years. At first mainly during holidays. After several photography courses I gradually became more and more interested in photomicrography. Since 2015 I devoted myself to photography through the microscope. Besides that, I take photos from water and from asymmetrically-symmetrically subjects.

Photomicrography is a very special kind of photography. It allows to explore areas unavailable to most of people. Through my photographs I want to discover these hidden worlds. I try to show the entire beauty of the micro universe.

The photomicrographs of chemical crystals are the result of the crystallization of chemical substances, dissolved in water or an organic solvent and dried on the glass slide.

The microscope is a Leitz Orthoplan. Under the microscope the slides are magnified 10x, 16x, 40x or 100x. The shapes and colors are formed by turning two crossed polarizers, the use of differential interference contrast prisms and a quarter-wave plate.

The camera is a Canon R6. The photos are edited with lightroom and Zerene Stacker.


Prints are available in different sizes and are printed on professional photo paper, canvas, dibond, wood or other material. Photos can also be supplied as a digital file for various uses. Any size and design are possible. If you have a question or request, please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss the possibilities together.

Furthermore, various photos can be ordered from:
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